Message To Parents

Welcome Parents, to the Saplinz Wiki. This wiki is designed to be an interactive tool for You, Your Son and I.

How will Your Son use the wiki?

1. He will be able to download lessons to review at his own pace
2. He will be able to take practice exams and progress tests to measure the pace at which he is learning
3. He will be able to upload his own work
4. He will participate in online discussions with his peers in a safe and controlled forum
5. He will be able to access additional information on subject matter he is studying that is safe and reliable
6. He will be able to communicate, along with his peers, with his teacher outside of the classroom, extending the learning environment.

Why Should Your Son use the wiki?

There are 2 basic reasons Your Son should use this wiki:

1. It teaches him how to use online resources for education.

2. By participating in an online learning forum, he is developing a skill he will need to master, to continue functioning in this digital era both at University level, the Employment level and later on for Extended Learning as an adult.

How will You use the wiki?

1. You will be able to download course outlines to help you follow his progress
2. You will be able to participate in community discussions and share your knowledge, not only with your son, but with his entire class, all from your home computer.
3. You will be able to communicate with the teacher
4. You will be able to download progress tests, mock exams etc. to assist you in setting up revision programmes for your son.
5. You will be able to view evidence of your son's work, that is uploaded, as well as view the overall quality of work being produced by his classmates.
6. You will be able to follow the course activities through the Calendar of Events, for important presentation dates, fieldtrips etc.

Why Should You use the wiki?

1. It is important for you to understand what online learning is, so you can distinguish it from the other kinds of activity your son may be engaged in online.

2. It is important for you to take an active role in your son's education - including: assisting him with his homework, knowing what tasks he has to accomplish and keeping in touch with his teachers to follow his progress.

3. Learning takes place in a community, comprising of friends, teachers, experts in the field and parents. Through this forum, you have the opportunity to be an active participant in this community.

While for some of us, using technology, especially for learning may seem a bit daunting at first, it is important as a Parent, you take those first steps, as YOU are your son's first teacher.

Methods of Assesment:


Home Work: Home is assigned at the end of the class. It may consist of (one or a combination of the following):
  • Assigned questions
  • Reading in the text book to help the student prepare for the next session
  • Research (on the internet, from their textbooks, magazines, newspapers and other sources)
  • Revision of the work completed that day or that week

Progress Tests: These are mini tests conducted in class or online to help gauge the students' overall progress under mock examination conditions. It is usually done in the subject notebook. Grades are recorded to show overall progress.

Project Based Work: Students usually work in groups for these projects which usually consist of:
  • An investigation into a problem or issue
  • A shared workload amongst students
  • A written and/ or oral report to accompany the product of the project.

  • This grade will contribute to the total grade at the end of the term.

Formal Tests: These are conducted at the end of the academic year under formal examination conditions. Exams are standardized for all classes.

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